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 Javier Molina



Born in Quito - ECUADOR

Studied at the Army Polytechnic School, Quito

Studied at "Agon Teatro" acting school

Studied at NYU School of Engineering 

Studied at RPI Electronic Arts

Studied at HB Studio



As a Animation Director at BATS-TOI, INC., I capture, refine, and deploy realistic and expressive character animations for various projects, using tools such as iClone 8, Motion Builder, Maya, Unreal Engine 5, and custom scripts and tools. With over 5 years of experience in this role, I have developed a strong proficiency and passion for motion capture and character animation, as well as a keen eye for detail and quality.

My work is driven by the goal of creating compelling narratives and expressions through animation, pushing the boundaries of this medium. I also have experience in creating immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences, demonstrating my versatility and openness to innovation. I am eager to leverage my expertise in motion capture and character animation to contribute to a team that values creativity and innovation. While my focus is on animation, I remain open to opportunities that allow me to apply my skills in the VR space




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