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Live, Virtual Reality Performance 

Institute for Future Media
Brooklyn, NY

The Institute for Future Media at NYU MAGNET hosted an event with Motion Bank, a project of the Forsythe Company providing research into choreographic practice. For this project, we created a full-on immersive experience in virtual reality. We placed visual scores for a dancer to explore physical and virtual space through the use of live motion capture technology.  


Genesis is the story of transition and overwhelming change of environments. 

 We modeled a 3D body that we called Vanus, (the latin definition for empty, vain, false, untrustworthy.) The aesthetics of the skin and the room matches the character's identity. Vanus, her body, skin, and space were reflections of her struggle, as she herself became a reflection of her virtual environment, emptiness. The virtual space allows exploring identities by rapidly changing colors. A metaphor for our individual experiences, our identities as an artist, as people forming and breaking relationships and evolving into new identities.



This performance was created using Optitrack and UNREAL ENGINE 4 . 

Collaborators: Mahe Dewan, Lajunè McMillian

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